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  1. Jostate

    OSU is now a 2.5 favorite...

    This reminds me of the idiots in movies who run straight down the middle of the road when being chased by a car.
  2. Jostate

    Burns Hargis retiring

    We need to start a write in campaign for me. I'll replace Pete's shotgun with an AK. I'll eliminate the Philosophy and Sociology classes and divert their $360 annual budget to the athletic department, and allow alcohol on campus. Mull it over.
  3. Jostate

    2020 election thread

    If only we could arrange this.
  4. Jostate

    2020 election thread

    I said this "If there is really such a thing (as Biden people), I think mostly there are anyone but Trump people." If that's your reason for voting for Biden there's no need to deny it, it's not a bad reason.
  5. Jostate

    2020 election thread

    It shouldn't bother you that Obama held that rally. It should bother you that Biden isn't. The whole point of not doing rallies is because of fear of the covid but the Democrats found a way to work with that for the Obama rally. It just points out that they could do the same for Joe but the...
  6. Jostate

    2020 election thread

    I've tried to mostly sit this mess out, but I have to ask a question for the Biden people. If there is really such a thing, I think mostly there are anyone but Trump people. Does it bother any of the Biden people that Obama is out rallying the troops while Biden watches from his house? Biden...
  7. Jostate

    OSU is now a 2.5 favorite...
  8. Jostate

    2020 election thread

    Well that's 2 different things. I will say my memory must be pretty cloudy because all the revisionist history types are telling me our country was falling apart even before covid.
  9. Jostate

    2020 election thread

    Side note. I used a strange term like binkie suckers so it would be easier to search because someone is going to do just what I predicted.
  10. Jostate

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    West Virginia has never really been a player in the college wrestling world, but I could see them being on the way up. OU on the other hand, used to have a top 5 program, but they have decided to let us have that sport, and try to make it less relevant.
  11. Jostate

    2020 election thread

    The "are you better?" question is the ultimate over simplification. The Presidents already get far too much credit, or blame for business cycles. Get ready for this one though. The covid will go away one of these days. Not in the next 2 months, but for sure in the next 4 years. Whoever wins...
  12. Jostate

    Baylor suspending all football activities...

    I gave you the wrench emoji. Not because your post was useful but because I want to hit you with it.
  13. Jostate

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    Holder made it clear wrestling facilities were a priority. That's before the wheels came off. And of course, I don't mean came off the wrestling program, or our athletic department, or the state economy, but pretty much everything. Who knows how far away from upgraded facilities now.
  14. Jostate

    Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Hearings

    One of the Senators spoke for his full 30 minutes and never got around to a question.
  15. Jostate

    Silly Picture Thread