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  1. jobob85

    Cowboy Basketball vs Yale

    Meh... 3k maybe.
  2. jobob85

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    Not surprising OJ took a stab at it.
  3. jobob85

    True BEDLAM, OU v OSU women's softball!!

    Boren was juggling a lot of balls back then....
  4. jobob85

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 10, Leaping Horny Toads edition

    Exact reason I didn’t read it.
  5. jobob85

    Official Game Thread: TCU vs. Oklahoma State

    So, those shitty recruiting classes everyone bitches about are saving our season?
  6. jobob85

    Tylan injured

    If blocking were not in the equation, CJ Moore would be the guy.
  7. jobob85

    Spencer Sanders = Tony Lindsey

    Just wondering how a phone conversation will be any different then what is going on now?
  8. jobob85

    Spencer Sanders = Tony Lindsey

    Two of our better d-linemen Antwine (whobplayed DE a CU) and Murray who started out as a DE and is undersized at DT.
  9. jobob85

    Spencer Sanders = Tony Lindsey

    We are running the defense that best suits the d-line talent we currently have.
  10. jobob85

    2019 Bedlam Football Thread.. Lets keep this going, idiots.

    Thanks for stopping by an OSU sports board to post.
  11. jobob85

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    I don’t do acronyms, I’m old and permanently alcohol soaked.
  12. jobob85

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    Okay, now WTF is BB? Back in the stables, do the horses see how far can they can toss him?
  13. jobob85

    Pokes suck

    It’s nice you can find the rainbow in the septic lagoon.
  14. jobob85

    Pokes suck

    Haha haha haha haha