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    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    Some of you people are way beyond ignorant
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    Official Texas Bowl Thread: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

    Brown was in a hand cast after ou game That's why both quarterbacks were limited with reps Around December 10 it was thought that Costello and Thomsen might have to take this game ( those were the QBs taking the reps in the early practices ) It was clear Sanders couldn't grip the ball well...
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    Signing day thread?

    This whole discussion is ridiculous Not ONE of you complainers have one iota of credibility in evaluating talent (And, by the way, neither do 90% of the idiots rating for rivals, scout, or any other rating service). When OSU offers a player, their star rating drops. When ou or Texas offers the...
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    OSU vs Hoyas

    It's pretty obvious the impact he has at both ends of the floor Badly needed his defense but more than that needed him to get to the rack and open up the offense Offense was stagnant and too much iso in the halfcourt ( looked like the Thunder the past couple of years)
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    Cowboy Basketball vs Syracuse

    It's still early But with the defense this group can play...the depth ..and a couple additional shooting prospects This team could be REALLY good
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    Random Bedlam Memories

    98 was the year the goalpost got passed up the stadium and thank God they didn't toss it over.....that was scary watching that The best was the 2011 beat-down Worst was the Parker drop... the Rockins onside kick that wasn't supposed to be off of the helmet.... And the Caleb Lavey whiff on Bell...
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    Oregon State?

    I knew watching that game in person that the beavers had a good offensive squad.....that has panned out and their defense is scrappy........ Well coached team and good skill players
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    Cowboy Basketball vs Charleston

    The comments in the first half show why some of the "experts" should just stay fans and not try to coach..... Yeah...should benched That second half was a total ass whip at both ends of the floor of a pretty decent team in their house This basketball program is on the right track...
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    I promise I typed 23 three times....not 33.....fat fingers on phone
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    No one hates ou more than I do. No one wants to beat ou more than I do. I get more frustrated with the"close calls" than anyone. But....being a coach of young people for 30 years, and being a realist, and suffering through years of mot beating ANYBODY......I am tickled where this program...
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    What happens next is we see how this recruiting class pans out. We are in good shape on both lines....safeties are starting look real good.......need corners.....skill players are in good shape but the Cali running back would give us a very good clsss... ....and a more experienced quarterback...
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    TCU game

    Once agsin..... 1) take care of the ball 2) offensive line MUST execute 3) tackle!!! 4) tackle!!! 5) be physical on both sides of the ball and TACKLE!!!!
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Other than few five stars, where has recruiting dipped? Quarterback (highest rated player in Texas...commit from highest rated QB in Cali)? Running back (one of the best in the country...had King who was the real deal but decided to be closer to home....and Hill left early)? Receiver (one of...
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    Official Homecoming Game Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

    O line is the biggest key to watch for......if they don't come out more aggressive AND assignment-sound.....then things won't go well. Also, even a young quarterback has to value possession. And tackling has to return to the level it was against K-State. These three keys will hopefully lead to a...
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    Interesting, Roster Composition

    Its actually freshman and sophomored as well.........not necessarily in that article....but by actual numbers