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    Poll: Opinion on the 2020 FB season?

    And 45,999 people will fully recover and become immune. (The one death will be an 85 year old with a pre-existing condition that was already killing them, but the hospital called it a covid death because they receive money for each covid death.) Sooner or later, we have to develop herd...
  2. FredtheMonkey

    PFB blog

    Except that's not what's happening. People aren't trying to get PFB deplatformed from their internet blogging jobs. Most here would simply like the OP website and other OSU properties to stop PROMOTING internet bloggers who are actively sabotaging the football program for personal...
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    Definitely felt it and heard the wood studs in the walls cracking and creaking. Glad we aren't getting those twice a week like we were during the fracking boom. Bravo to whoever figured out how to slow them down.
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    Chuba on First Take

    I won a free Madonna shirt at a carnival one time. I put it on while painting my house because I knew whatever I wore that day would get ruined. Did wearing my free tee-shirt with Madonna on it mean that I "endorse" Madonna? Did wearing the shirt mean I "endorse" everything Madonna has said...
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    PFB blog

    I agree with the others. You've got guys writing negative OSU football stories for personal a year when OSU could actually win the big 12. Why give them a platform on an OSU message board?
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    PFB blog

    They're probably trying to get hired at ESPN. I think that's the goal of many "sports writers" and sports radio people. They look at ESPN political and social goals and they reinforce whatever is being said there, trying to curry favor and get picked to join the team. "I'll turn on my own, if...
  7. FredtheMonkey

    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    Dez Bryant "denied" and they ended his college football career because of it. People are trying to apply logic to these decisions, but the NCAA is simply punishing the school(s) they want to punish and protecting the schools inside the inner circle. They will reverse engineer a reason for it...
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    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    Don't forget Dez Bryant was suspended an entire season for what was it..telling a lie? All American WR poised to break records and NCAA steps in and ends his OSU career which obviously handicapped OSU's football team. So now they've "made an example of" the baseball, football, and...
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    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    Here we go with the doom-filled speculation again. Imagine if everyone gets it and everyone dies! Sit around and imagine it! Sit around and think about everyone dying all day! It might get you too! It could kill us all! I don't envy the amount of FEAR some of you guys carry around with...
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    Facebook - account disabled

    Just spitballing here, but have you ever shared a meme that expresses a religious or political opinion? The fact you say that a lot of people are having this same problem makes me wonder...
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    Gee says football will go on even if players get

    The sooner we reach "herd immunity" the better for our overall, long term health. Lots of doctors have been saying this for months, but it's nice to see political leaders are now allowed to take this position. College football might be what saves America from this "News event".
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    City of Stillwater thread

    That is great to hear. Very happy people are starting to get their jobs back.
  13. FredtheMonkey

    Stillwater Mayor

    According to what I just read last night, no gun was actually pulled. A guy threatened to get his gun. Still not okay, but that's very different from a man waving a gun around. If this is true and no gun was pulled, then add this to the MOUNTAIN of exaggerated stories and outright lies being...
  14. FredtheMonkey

    Stillwater Mayor

    Okay, so, until the next scheduled election, The Mayor will continue to invent and make laws without any kind of citizen voting or democratic process? Do you speak for city hall, or are you a guy pretending to know things?