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    Spencer Sanders - Bringing something back

    Sanders did have a nice game at Iowa St. went 16-24 for 250. The kansas and TCU game he only had 15 and 18 pass attempts. The coaching staff obviously pulled back the reins to cut down on mistakes. I agree that less turnovers is positive growth. Dru Brown played against WV and threw the...
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    Spencer Sanders - Bringing something back

    Spencer Sanders will need to make a huge Jump for this season to be a special one. I didn’t see a guy that made a lot of progress last year. He’s a talented guy but makes incredible poor decisions throwing the football. I hope he’s improved in that area. This is just my opinion and I’m sure...
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    Inviting Former Players Back

    The relationship with ex players and program goes both ways. If Thurman wanted to be more a part of the program all he has to do is reach out. It’s not Mike Gundy’s job to kiss Thurman’s butt or any other alumni. The athletic dept. should be do a much better job of communicating with ex...
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    Inviting Former Players Back

    The reality is that our football program doesn’t have a rich tradition. Guys like Thurman Thomas, Barry Sanders, Weeden have all been back for various games and occasions. I’m sure other players have been back from time to time. Just because they don’t hang out on the sidelines 4 or 5 times a...
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    and Boynton Laughs

    I’m not sure why MIke B. finds the SI prediction so funny. The track record of MB’s teams so far doesn’t support a much higher pre-season pick. The cowboys lost about 75% of their scoring from last year. He has some nice pieces but he’ll still have to coach his butt off to have the success...
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    Men's Basketball 2020 JUCO C Bernard Kouma Signed with OSU

    Some perspective on 6’10 guys who avg. 3 puts a game in Juco....expectations better be low!
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    Cowboy Baseball

    Straight gas from Kelly.
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    Men's Basketball 2020 C Brandon Lieb

    Brad Underwood makes me puke!
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    RBC Heritage - PGA Golf

    Fowler +1 today misses cut at -3, Hovland shoots even par and is at -6.
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    RBC Heritage - PGA Golf

    Fowler missed another cut.
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    How OSU becomes a title contender (ESPN)

    After the mess that Chuba created I can only hope that the recruiting class is as high as 43.
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    Yor Anei

    I Know thinks have been tough for MB, but the carousel of players coming and going is just ridiculous. I said before I believe MB is a nice guy, but I’m tired of the same BS every offseason.
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    Cowboy Baseball

    The Cowboys picked up LSU RHP Eric Walker. Walker had a very nice year his freshman year in 2017, but suffered an arm injury in CWS. He missed 2018 season after TJ surgery. Returned in 2019 and went 5-4 and thru 72 innings. In 2020 he only pitched 5 innings before play was halted.
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    seems to me oSu is loaded for fall ...

    If Sanders hasn’t made huge strides this team will be struggle. Starring down receivers and throwing the ball to the wrong team have to be corrected for Pokes to have a championship type season.
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    Basketball Team Expectations

    Unless Likekele turns himself into a guy who make a jump shot he’ll never play a minute in the NBA.