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    TCU vs UO...BU vs Texas...Last Hope for Big 12 Championship game

    It's still in the 1st half in Waco but your first part is coming together...BU 21...UO 3...and the Jalen Hurts TO machine rolls on... ETA: Hurts throws an INT and BU cashes in...again...BU 28...UO 3...and I can't slap this grin off my face...:D ETA (late in the 4Q): UO overcomes earlier...
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    My dreams are slowly coming true

    Suddenly, it's 1948 again and Mr. Iba has stepped to the podium at OAMC... Other posters have dropped some truth nuggets in the thread so let's pull it all together. Football drives the money bus and every other sport is along for the ride. It's not a matter of being "king in Oklahoma", it's...
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    Pokes IN CFP

    As much as that would provide a needed improvement to the CFP mix of teams, it's unlikely since neither are scheduled to play a ranked team for the rest of the season. They have achieved peak-PAC12 national ranking.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    It just comes down to the percentages on success from various parts of the field across the long run. Put another way, if Las Vegas offered a proposition bet on a team getting a W without getting into the red zone, I'm pretty certain they'd set some long odds on it.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    Well, I'll grab it and make the point that this "odd fact" most often = the big L on the record books. It's as bad as getting into the red zone and either settling for the FG or coming away empty-handed.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    Only got the radio for the 1st half & just now have watched the Fox replay to see the 2d half. That said, I believe you’re pretty much on the mark with some generosity in the coaching grade with a very lackluster performance by the offense in the 2d. The defense was surprisingly the difference...
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    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    Gentle reminder that 50% of the pair who forced that move recently shuffled off this mortal coil. Unless you’re holding out hope for Gundy to have a Dickensian night hosted by the Spirit of Boone to give him an insight to his coaching shortcomings, I’m not counting on the remaining member of the...
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    The next 3 games will define our season...

    I'm trying to maintain an open mind about how the season will turn out but I think the wheels have come off this thread...:p
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    Taking stock: 2019 season so far

    Haisten’s current article in the TW says all you need to know: 8-8 across the last 16 games is well below the standard of recent history. The mullet is mired in the DILLIGAS swamp of his own contrivance.
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    At Tulsa Tech...
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    Calvin Bundage

    The only hope either the Longhorns or the Cowboys have is Jalen Hurts not being on the field for the Sooners. Face it, the guy is a force of nature and will not be denied. I personally think the Fates have aligned for him to face his former team in the playoffs.
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    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    This morning's early Sports Center with Feinbaum was the latest edition of this ignorance. Couldn't believe it, especially after they had just shown Hubbard's highlight reel performance. The male SC host challenged Feinbaum about not having Hubbard in his Heisman mix to no avail.
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    the ESPN + thread

    Definitely a "Not Ready for Primetime" product with multiple reloads required and usually at critical junctures of the game. Yeah, it was "only $4.99" and it's just another overpromised & underdelivered experience. I've got to remember to get the cancellation done so they don't ding my PayPal...
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    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    Continuing tech/streaming issues here. Missed the pick & TD except for replay.