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    OK, I’m angry

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    ROUND 2: Visiting Philadelphia next month - Suggestions

    Disregard any statement that sends you to Baltimore.
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    Tucker Carlson: The rise of automation

    Back to robots: "Hey need glasses? I mean do you need to reprogram your Doppler radar scanners"
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    Tucker Carlson: The rise of automation

    There is no excuse for a person of sound mind and body to be under the poverty line in America. That's why people say it is due to bad choices. Is it decidedly harder for some to get out......absolutely. Is it effortless to avoid for others.....absolutely...... grew up a white male from a...
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    Recycling in America: Becoming Less Viable For Cities

    The takeaway here needs to be much of it wasn't "recycled". We just paid a bundle to have it burned or buried somewhere else.
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    Tucker Carlson: The rise of automation

    Name the jobs that won’t be affected and why? Machines are cheaper, better, take no time off, file no grievances etc etc etc.
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    Tucker Carlson: The rise of automation

    This is different.... Miami has been there for eons and we have measured data that says it would take a paradigm shift in climate to put Miami under.....vs technology which advances in leaps and bounds and constantly unlocks new doors for itself. If I would have told you would be receiving a...
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    Tucker Carlson: The rise of automation

    It has to. There will be zero need for humans other than social interactions (which some will choose AI) and reproduction. There isn't a solution other than stopping it as at some point a machine will be made that is superior in every way to humans.
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    Tucker Carlson: The rise of automation

    You guys understand the trucks are already being assembled by's already taking those jobs and will take all of them. There isn't a function in the assembly of a truck that can't be automated. And this doesn't increase the number of trucks for an explosion in the mechanic sector it...
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    Tucker Carlson: The rise of automation

    One other thing that no one wants to say here is the myth that anyone can be anything they want. If you have an 85 IQ you lack the intelligence to be one of the folks writing the code for the machines that took your job at the store, mill, delivery service, post office, diner, factory etc etc...
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    West Virginia GOP poster.

    I’m just enjoying Cali saying the Bible is on par with Dr Seuss. “Thou shall not kill when on a boat thou shall not kill your neighbors goat” We live in sad times. That someone would display that poster in a capital on a day to promote the party is said. That Omar got elected given her tone...
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    Leaving Neverland (Michael Jackson HBO Doc)

    Dude.... dude..... dude..... it’s really bad. I thought the R Kelly one was bad but dude
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    Is Cannabis Dangerous in Adolescence ?

    The answer is no unless you’ve smoked in the last 30 days and they are drawing blood.
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    Is Cannabis Dangerous in Adolescence ?

    It makes the snozberries taste like snozberries