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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

    You want to entice double teams, I know that sounds crazy. That is why the DL is clamped together in the middle. Condense the middle of the line and occupy as many OL as possible, to prevent zone scheme run blocking units from getting OL to the 2nd level defenders. Your gaps are covered from...
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

    People being skeptical is completely fair, actually I'm not even sure if it will work. But I love that they're trying it. Actually the defensive structure isn't that far off from a 3-4, but Ill save that for another day. The one huge advantage of this defense is the coverage flexibility and...
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast
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    New screen play

    They already showed that as well, atleast a variation of it.
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

    In case you haven't listened to these, here are links for depth chart breakdowns as well.
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    Tape Doesn't Lie Podcast

    Hi guys, will update thread with new episodes this season. Hope everyone enjoys.
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    2019 OSU football survey

    We've had a few sponsorship opportunities, also PFB offered to buy the podcast and put it under their umbrella. We turned all of them down, and will continue to do it for free w/no sponsors unless some sweet deal comes across our desk. No ill will towards them, just wasn't the direction we...
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    Facilities/Construction Update

    Still waiting for a rooftop bar over there. The Garage would’ve been perfect location for it. That would crush on gameday.
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    The Real Fall Camp 2019 Thread

    Well said. This is how every Coach thinks. Win first, build for future second.
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    The Real Fall Camp 2019 Thread

    If the QB's are equal then I would play the Senior 10 out of 10 times. If you're truly concerned about winning as many games as possible now, and not playing for the future. The Senior will be better equipped to handle all of the pressure that critical moments that happen throughout the...
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    Wheel route

    Not sure. Might have something to do with Cornelius inconsistent accuracy on deep balls too, notice it's yards/attempt not yards/completion. Meaning completion % plays a big role. He was much more consistent on timing routes to the outside or in breaking routes at short/intermediate levels...
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    Wheel route

    I believe that TD to Randle was on a straight vertical route, not a wheel route.
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    Who's gonna start at QB?

    Stop using evidence and start using ambiguous reasoning like the rest of us!