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    Big-12 Title picture...

    If we win out we are in the playoff... period.
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    Texas opening line

    CFBS weekend preview has Oklahoma State / Texas as the game to focus on in the afternoon slot... preview of the game in there...
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    RB Deondrick Glass enters transfer portal

    Sounds like Glass wasn't going to play much and saw the writing on the wall...
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    Weekend preview focuses on OK State /Iowa State

    We are one of the games previewed. This could be for a spot in the Big 12 title game. Big tie breaker to pick up too... Anyway a good read on the weekend and the game.
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    SIAP: Illingworth recognized among top true freshmen

    He is in the top 6 now, I looked back at last week he was on their list but not in the top group. It's a beautiful thing to have a good back up quarterback being groomed to be the future already. I still want Sanders back but feel comfortable with Illingworth...
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    THE CFBS weekend recap gives the Cowboys some love

    TCU outplayed Texas that game, they just kicked FGs, could have been a big lead at halftime.
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    Spencer Sanders Update

    With Illingworth playing well I have some comfort that we have a second option when needed...
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    THE CFBS weekend recap gives the Cowboys some love

    Not getting playoff tix.. but i know what day the semi's are and I'm not planning anything for those dates...
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    THE CFBS weekend recap gives the Cowboys some love

    Notes that Tulsa just beat UCF, maybe that tough win in the opener was just a solid opponent... by the way this puts K State, Iowa State and Ok State in the drivers seat in the Big 12 right now... awesome.
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    Big 12 Games week 3

    Thank you sir. This year is shaping up pretty good.
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    Wallace - no targets

    Wallace needs to get the ball early and often that will give Hubbard space and we can get rolling.
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    College Football Polls Week 3

    Polls will be screwy for a while, with the Big Ten and Pac 12 starting so late, when do they add those teams back in?
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    Sills takes on his former team

    Should be interesting to see Josh go against guys he practiced against for years. WVU has a couple of good DT's so we will see who has the advantage. Of course, Sills can't block both on the same play. I saw it brought up here and had forgotten that this is a matchup with his former team for...
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    Spencer Sanders Update

    If Sanders can't go it has to be Illingworth right?
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    Big 12 Games week 3

    I'd love for Kansas State to make it back to back wins...