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  1. CowboyMRW

    J. Seales -- Arrested for DUI, TOC

    Not necessarily. It can be, but a lot of times it isn't.
  2. CowboyMRW

    Besides OSU, who's your Second team you root for?

    University of Virginia Stanford LSU Those are my favorites outside of OSU
  3. CowboyMRW

    Blocked PAT

    Unless the defender has a free shot at the QB because of the offsides. Then it is blown dead.
  4. CowboyMRW

    Nash teabags Longhorn defender

    Didn't realize you were an aTm fan.
  5. CowboyMRW

    Game Thread: Baylor at Oklahoma State

    I'm up in Calgary facetiming it
  6. CowboyMRW

    Okung and Williams

    Could've sworn they played for the Seahawks, not not the Colts or Texans.
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    Basketball visits

    You quoted a guy that had said Evans was a big and then said he made a mistake. If you meant that if Stone and Thomas wanted to commit, then would we turn one down, the answer is no. Ford would make room somewhere.
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    Basketball visits

  9. CowboyMRW

    Sunday morning coaches week 4

    I guess we have very different definitions of looking very good.
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    Striping the Stadium

  11. CowboyMRW

    Survival Pool Week 4 2014

    Week 1: Michigan State (Weekly Winner) Week 2: Kansas State Week 3: Duke Week 4: Missouri (48)
  12. CowboyMRW

    Rank the Big 12 age week three

    OU Baylor West Virginia Kansas State TCU Oklahoma State Iowa State Texas Texas Tech Kansas
  13. CowboyMRW

    Basketball visits

    Regarding Juwan Evans: Jerry Meyer now has him committing to OSU, if Meyer is correct, Evans, Thomas & Gilder are all coming. This could get real interesting.
  14. CowboyMRW

    A New Look on Offense?

    A couple of practices with the ones lol. If that's all it takes, why wasn't he starting?
  15. CowboyMRW

    Survival Pool Week 3 2014

    Week 1: Michigan State Week 2: Kansas State Week 3: Duke (63)