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  1. Corbin1989

    TBT - The Basketball Tournament - Stillwater Stars!

    Stillwater Stars: Stillwater Stars final roster - Le’Bryan Nash- SF - Brian Williams- SG - Thomas Dziagwa- SG - James Banks III- C - Armoni Brooks- SG - Tyshawn Taylor- SG - Naadir Tharpe- PG Coach: Bryndon Manzer Several players that were expected didn't end up making the trip...
  2. Corbin1989

    TBT - The Basketball Tournament - Stillwater Stars!

    24 team single elimination tournament. Stillwater Stars are the #21 seed and will take on the #12 seed " Brotherly Love". Tomorrow 4:00 CT on ESPN
  3. Corbin1989

    and Boynton Laughs

    I love the confidence. I think they will back it up.
  4. Corbin1989

    Thank you ESPN for the Eddie Documentary

    Phenomenal. Really didn't shy away from anything, The look on his face after getting rejected in 2019 broke me. Great film!
  5. Corbin1989

    Cade Cunningham sticking with the Pokes

    Stillwater....Lets work! Chills. IMO this says a lot about Cade...Not many elite recruits would have done this.
  6. Corbin1989

    a real chance

    I'm optimistic with all the pieces in place. I like the way the schedule sets up also.
  7. Corbin1989

    Eddie film

    So happy espn picked this up. Can't wait!!