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  1. colin1497

    If Football Is Cancelled

    I'm sure you don't see the irony in this post, but I do.
  2. colin1497

    WVU going for preseason herd immunity!

    What if we’ve been saying since May that we are messing this whole thing up, the reopening look like they were planned by 2 year olds, and this thing’s going to be a $&!- show in a dumpster fire by the time school should start?
  3. colin1497

    If Football Is Cancelled

    Realize TV rights are most of the money, but yeah, don't do it if you can't. If you can, I think it helps the AD manage through the dumpster fire better and you should try to step up.
  4. colin1497

    If Football Is Cancelled

    As if somebody else wants them.
  5. colin1497

    If Football Is Cancelled

    In German, if and when are the same word, but in English you picked the wrong one. I already have told the ticket office that I'm just waiting on the official announcement.
  6. colin1497

    The Real Fall Camp 2019 Thread

    @CTeamPoke hasn't shown up for over a month!
  7. colin1497

    A/V subscription issues

    Hey, @CasperPoke11 , I'm one of the cool kids whose paypal payment went through but who can't feed his addiction today.