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  1. Chairman of the Board

    Playing KU twice (or NDSU)?

    Playing a team twice wouldn't be ideal, but at this point, if the Pokes are playing a football game I'm happy
  2. Chairman of the Board

    TBT - The Basketball Tournament - Stillwater Stars!

    LeBryan may be the best guy on the court
  3. Chairman of the Board

    Cowboy Baseball

    Found this today, great Omaha memory:
  4. Chairman of the Board

    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    That should pretty well do in basketball for the foreseeable future
  5. Chairman of the Board

    New College Baseball Model

    I think this would be a real boost for college baseball. Might not be good for some of those summer leagues, but oh well.
  6. Chairman of the Board

    Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

    Rest In Peace Coach. Say hi to Patsy and Mr. Iba for us.
  7. Chairman of the Board

    Learfield IMG College Cowboy Classics

    Hearing Big Bob Barry's voice was a great blast from the past. As a kid sometimes the only way to hear OSU sports was on the radio. I was crushed when he went back to OU, but quickly loved Bill Teegins. I didn't notice it at the time, however you can start to hear Big Bob slipping a bit, even...
  8. Chairman of the Board

    Basketball Team Expectations

    Tied for 7th, 8th seed in the tournament...look at it however you like.
  9. Chairman of the Board

    Basketball Team Expectations

    Perhaps. We were picked 6th last season, and finished 8th. I'm not getting into landmarks as has as number of wins or where in the conference they finish...I just expect to see a really good basketball team. A really good team could finish 5th in the pretty tough Big 12, and that's fine. There...
  10. Chairman of the Board

    Basketball Team Expectations

    Remember, most fans went into the season that just ended with the expectations of a top 5 conference finish and an NCAA bid. Barring an unlikely run in KC, the NCAA wasn't going to happen. I'm glad we finished the season on an upswing, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a disappointment overall...
  11. Chairman of the Board

    Learfield IMG College Cowboy Classics
  12. Chairman of the Board

    Learfield IMG College Cowboy Classics FFW to 1 hour 20 minutes and enjoy
  13. Chairman of the Board

    What is your coolest or most unusual OSU / Oklahoma A&M item in your collection?

    I had turf from that game, but its been gone for a while. But I think it was Tone Jones, the 12-0 game. Two years later Tony Lindsay led the team to a 30-7 win, but no one stormed the field.
  14. Chairman of the Board

    ESPNU 2005 Big 12 Tourney Championship/#10 OSU vs TTU

    Man, we’ll have to wait for the bracket unveiling, but I feel good about another Final 4 run—just don’t want to see ‘Zona.