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  1. casdas

    1945 Football National Championship Team

    @NTXPoke @More Cowbell I have found a couple of photos of Lester List without even looking very hard. There could be more. Sounds like he was a good player
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    O'Colly's Top 5 OSU Guards of All Time

    Bill Connors of the Tulsa World wrote an article about "OSU's Al-Time Basketball Team" that was published in a football program in about 1982. It provides great insight into some of the standout players from the dominant era of Iba's championship teams of the 1940s and 50s. The article is...
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    A/V subscription issues

    I too am on the OrangePower Fail list. Paypal notification, no A/V access. Please hurry @CasperPoke11
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    Big 12 Soccer Tournament

    @superpoke What do you think are the issues that have led to this "averageness"? I don't/can't follow it closely enough to know if it's personnel, coaching, whatever...
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    The OKState Throwback Project

    1972 was the HC Dave Smith year...there were no black jerseys that year, just a plain orange jersey. See post 97 from @lagershead in this thread.
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    ****Post a Picture of the Last Items You Bought****

    Very late to this and I just have to mention the obvious...that was Barry Sanders' last home game.
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    City of Stillwater thread

    Speaking of the Garage, @More Cowbell ate there over the weekend. He texted me a photo of a sign that is hanging inside the restaurant. As some may know, before this building was Cowboy Book or the Grey Fox or probably some other things I don't know about, it was Swim's Campus Shop. So...
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    October 23, 1976

  9. casdas

    OP.Com's 12th Birthday

    I am IN
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    Homecoming Week

    In the 1910 Redskin, there is a poem that was published with no author credited. The style of writing is very dated as one would expect, but I thought it was appropriate for Homecoming.
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    So @More Cowbell is always finding antique things on the internet. He recently sent me the link to this video of the 1953 game between OU and Oklahoma A&M that was played in Norman. The sooners were very good in those days; They lost the first game of their 1953 season to Notre Dame in...
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    The OKState Throwback Project

    When this is the best you have at QB, well...
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    Interesting OSU history

    Not artificial... :thumbup:
  14. casdas

    Interesting OSU history

    They should have used this photo of Joe Buck, first baseball All-American at OAMC. :) Edit to express disappointment at referring to "Lebron" Harris. Labron.
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    Facilities/Construction Update

    Dude the bad part is censored. In fact that was probably done to placate all the private Christian schools in the NCAA. it cleans it up completely 100%. :thumbup: