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  1. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    OSU vs Tulsa Tickets

    I have two tickets for sale for the OSU TU game. This Saturday at 2:30. I paid $100 a piece for them and will take $100 for BOTH!!! Half Off! Section: 102 Row: 27 Seat: 22 and 21 Call or Text: (314)-713-0818
  2. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    T. Boone has passed.

    RIP Mr. Pickens. He did more for OSU than anyone in history. It will be interesting to see how his last requests affect Oklahoma State University.
  3. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    T. Boone has passed.

    No doubt he changed the culture and opportunities for OSU football. Thank you Mr. Pickens! RIP
  4. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Kickoff Time at Texas- Sept. 21

    I have been to every OSU - UT game in Austin since 2008! The best road trip in the Big 12 IMO. I'll be there again! Can't wait to continue the streak of five straight W's in Austin!
  5. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Sanders best running QB since Tony Lindsey?

    Personally i like a QB who can throw the ball for 4000 yards. A Weeden or a Rudolph. Actually, whatever type of QB can bring us a Big 12 title is what I want.
  6. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    ESPN article about JamesOn Curry

    What a great read! Haven't thought about him in years, but so glad he turned his life around!
  7. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Uniform Predictions?

    I agree with pokes16!
  8. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Away Game Tickets

    FYI, also got great seats vs Tulsavia TU athletics for a very good price.
  9. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Cowboys vs. Beavers Score prediction thread

    I have changed my mind! I think Dru Brown leads us to a huge victory, 54-21! Let's get in on Poke Faithful!
  10. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Early Predictions of Cowboy Schedule

    Aug. 30 at Oregon State - DOUBLE DIGIT WIN Sept. 7 McNeese State -- DOUBLE DIGIT WIN Sept. 14 at Tulsa -- DOUBLE DIGIT WIN Sept. 21 at Texas -- SINGLE DIGIT LOSS Sept. 28 Kansas State -- SINGLE DIGIT WIN Oct. 5 at Texas Tech -- SINGLE DIGIT WIN Oct. 12 OPEN DATE -- Oct. 19 Baylor -- SINGLE...
  11. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Away Game Tickets

    Normally the visitor seats are awful. I'd rather get better seats and deal with the home crowd. I bought great seats for the UT game for below face value. I find UT folks to be pretty low keyed. Having attended the past five ass whippings in Austin, we have never been treated poorly by the UT...
  12. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Cowboys vs. Beavers Score prediction thread

    Oklahoma Sate 38, Oregon State 17
  13. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    What to expect on defense

    For me, the bottom line is I expect the 2019 OSU football team to be better than the 2018 team. Whether it's Dru Brown or Spencer Sanders, I fully expect the QB position, and the offense overall to be better than 2018. Let's see what happens.
  14. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Depth Chart released

    So who takes the first snap at QB? I say Dru Brown. Let's get it on!
  15. BrentParkersDroppedPass

    Early Predictions of Cowboy Schedule

    8-4! Bet the house on it!