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  1. AshlandFlash

    Buckle Up - Oil Markets are in Upheaval

    Well Crap! What am I supposed to do with that warehouse full of cardboard boxes of lightening?
  2. AshlandFlash

    MBB class moves up to #6

    Actually, he added a letter... But who cares about spelin anemor, rite?
  3. AshlandFlash

    MBB class moves up to #6

    And look how little you know about our current players. Learn who they are before you lock them into their little cubbyhole careers.
  4. AshlandFlash

    MBB class moves up to #6

    Oohhh, THAT Khalib!
  5. AshlandFlash

    MBB class moves up to #6

    Who in the name of little green apples is Khalib? Do you mean Kalib Boone, and just don't know enough to spell his name correctly?
  6. AshlandFlash

    Think you can shoot a basketball...

    Dee Mitchell isn't playing because of his three point shot. To think that scoring is the only thing basketball is about is just shortsided.
  7. AshlandFlash

    MBB: Texas Tech vs OSU Sat at Noon

    Who in the name of little green apples is Kalin Boone
  8. AshlandFlash

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    Actually, no. Doug has not coached. Ever. He talks for a living. He has never coached. Ever. At any level.
  9. AshlandFlash

    MBB: Oklahoma State Cowboys @ Iowa State Cyclones (ESPN+ TONIGHT 7PM)

    Don't you think you should wait until gametime to give up?
  10. AshlandFlash

    Oklahoma State @ #22 Texas Tech (11AM - ESPN2)

    That's actually exactly what it means. They would have advanced their status, rather than defend it. (Literal answer is literally literal...:oops:) (2-time number two?)
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    It's Sunday night, and you're drunk!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky skunk...
  12. AshlandFlash


    The guys who redshirted didn't really play enough to stand out...
  13. AshlandFlash

    Oklahoma State @ #22 Texas Tech (11AM - ESPN2)

    Aaand once again, we have the usual flood of rats jumping off the ship before it even gets out of the harbor... You should always judge the team by one or two losses, and not consider any of the wins. Hey some of our WORST teams beat KU, sometimes twice in the same season. But, we lost to the...
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    Signing day thread?

    The same TCU that trounced OSU this year, and is going to a prestigious New Years Day Bowl? That TCU?