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  1. andylicious

    George Floyd

    I'm a law and order person, I don't like anything about flouting the law by anyone. The problem is we have a system of selective and harsh police action. How many times are your doors blown off by a patrol car on the highway? How many times are you talked to like an idiot by a town cop or...
  2. andylicious

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    That's awful and scary. Killing a dude and not one cop stepping in to stop it.
  3. andylicious

    New College Baseball Model

    MLB is looking at cutting minor league teams to cut costs.
  4. andylicious

    Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

    Poke revenue sports were in the dumpster until Coach came riding in and cowboyed up. Thank you Coach Sutton.
  5. andylicious

    Gundy’s comments today- the non sports parts

    Why must you insult someone that has the kung flu?
  6. andylicious

    Gundy’s comments today

    Which one would briscoe identify as?
  7. andylicious

    Gundy’s comments today

    Can't stand it can you?
  8. andylicious

    Gundy is your head coach.

    If coach log is so concerned about player health he probably should cancel all summer practices
  9. andylicious

    Tweet of the Day

    Stilly already has a start, nothing like the People's Republic of Norman but there's a lot of try going on.
  10. andylicious

    Gundy is your head coach.

    I so miss the old days when you just slobbered you're love for boob, idolized half-baked and didn't sound so desperate
  11. andylicious

    Gundy is your head coach.

    Well, when you are dealing with old material.... There are only so many times that you can tell everyone how great you when your last game EVERY YEAR winds up with cleat indentions on the young coach's chest above that cute little sunburst tattoo around his navel that has been documented by the...
  12. andylicious

    Gundy is your head coach.

    It took to long to get your go to "retard" insult going?
  13. andylicious

    Stern Wants Trump to Resign

    I know I don't care what Stern says
  14. andylicious

    Dexter Manley

    The Jimmy years were kind of weird, but Dexter is still a cowboy and I hope he gets well.
  15. andylicious

    No students, no sports

    Like the NSA isn't already tracking everyone who has taken the test by Google, Facebook and Amazon algorithm on your cell phone